Prize-Winning Historical Fiction

drawn from the secret archive
of the

Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny & Survey

‘sets a new benchmark for the literary historical thriller'

'beautifully written, wonderfully clever, this is a triumph'

'Fascinating history, exciting narrative, a wonderfully gripping yarn'
MCS, Tel, Bookbag

A secret trove of documents, accumulated over centuries and hidden under Whitehall. A series of multi-layered novels based around documents from the archive, illuminating a society in crisis and showing what went on in the shadows at the most critical moments in British history.

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How did the secret power behind the royal throne survive the turbulent transition to Cromwell's republic?
... Or did it guide it?



As France collapses in chaos, the spies of four nations battle for a secret dossier to upend Europe - and one man must transform himself in order to survive.



Tom Roscarrock must fight to uncover the plot threatening England in the weeks before Trafalgar

... but who is he?



With the crisis of Europe reaching its climax, the Comptroller-General has one last desperate scheme to prevent war - or to prepare for it.

Nice reviews from Manda Scott, the Daily Telegraph, and Bookbag.