where the boundaries are not just on maps, and where the battles are not just between countries

A journey through two centuries of Balkan history - now

in the company of eight inspiring women: pioneers and fighters in very diverse ways, they were determined to build lives for themselves, and in doing so they influenced the lives of others. Each was distinctive and distinguished and swam against the social current; and yet each was a representative of their land and their time, and has something to teach us about the realities for women in all countries and ages.

Staka Skenderova (1831-1891) Bosnia-Herzegovina
Maria Jurić Zagorka (1873-1957) Croatia
Xenia Petrović-Njegoš (1881-1960) Montenegro
Maga Magazinović (1882–1968) Serbia
Margaret Hasluck (1885-1948) Albania
Shote Galica (1895-1927) Kosovo
Musine Kokalari (1917-1983) Albania
Esma Redžepova (1943-2016) North Macedonia 


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