“Shay is misrule; Shay is mayhem; Shay is blood.”

Traitor’s Field  Robert Wilton
Out from Corvus, 7th May http://www.booktrade.info/index.php/showarticle/43198shapeimage_2_link_0

Robert Wilton's second book sets a new benchmark for the literary historical thriller.  He achieves that Holy Grail of utterly absorbing, edge-of-the-seat thriller with a book of ideas that lays bare the convolutions of the English Civil War with a panache unmatched in modern writing. It's exhilarating, passionate, inspiring and literate
and will garner new readers from lovers of Mantel and Cornwell alike… M.C.Scott

It is 1648 and Britain is at war with itself. The Royalists are defeated but Parliament is in turmoil, its power weakened by internal discord. Royalism's last hope is Sir Mortimer Shay, a ruthless veteran of decades of intrigue who must rebuild a credible threat to Cromwell's rule, whatever the cost. John Thurloe is a young official in Cromwell's service. Confronted by the extent of the Royalists' secret intelligence network, he will have to fight the true power reaching into every corner of society: the Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey.

Robert Wilton simply stunned the genre last year with Emperors Gold... and has surpassed even that RC

It is such a great strength of Robert Wilton’s writing – this combination of intellect and heart....  The writing itself is stunning... Traitor’s Field is a thoroughly rewarding and engrossing read. After I finished it, all I wanted was more. Much, much more. KA

I finished it last night and wished I hadn't. This isn't one to read in one sitting, it's too big, too mind-exploding for that, but its characters will haunt you for days afterwards, and leave you aching for whatever comes next MCS

a mystery meticulously plotted... what makes Traitor’s Field such an engrossing and riveting novel is not just the excitement of the hunt, the intellectual pleasure of solving a clue or unravelling a thread, or even the chase through dark streets or across marshes, it is the characters... KA

Spy stories are hard to deliver as so much is in the mind, but Wilton once again gives us           a true example of how to write one RC

As a spy story, this is exceptional; clever, literate, thoughtful, life-enhancing. But read it first for the prose, and weep... MCS

Here’s Robert Wilton’s homepage; and here’s more on the Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey series.

Very kind quotes courtesy of... M.C.Scott, on her blog and at Goodreads, Robin Carter/Parmenion also at Goodreads, and Kate Atherton (ditto Goodreads).